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The Neuro Journal Stim Pack

The Neuro Journal Stim Pack

The Neuro Journal Stim Pack!  Now in use in educational establishments across the UK.


For Creativity, Aspirations & Mindfulness.


The Stim Pack Includes;


A copy of The Neuro Journal
A5 Wallet 
Fidget Spinner Rings
Fidget Gamepad Toy
Squishy Fidget Toys
Fidget Pencil
Scrunchy Fidget Toy
Black Gel Pen
Non Verbal Communication Cards


(Colours & Styles may vary from picture)


A Great package or gift for all kinds of people! Including those with neurodiversity, ADHD and any symptoms of ASD.


Information on The Neuro Journal


A journal for Grown Ups & Young adults with a huge range of tasks, creative activities along with mindfulness and well being exercises all in a range of different & inclusive formats.  


Aimed at alleviating stress along with symptoms of Autism, ADHD & Anxiety it features a range of creative colouring and tracing pages with many different patterns specifically designed for neurodiverse learners and those with difficulty concentrating for long periods of time.


This unique journal has many self assessment opportunities where the user is prompted to think of future goals and targets even with the opportunity to illustrate their dream home.  It has a range of learning styles embedded within the 100 pages and we have incorporated a range of different art styles for the user to have fun and engage with - Truly a book for everyone.


The journal is a product of over 15 years of experience working with students in a range of different learning environments with a huge range of learning needs.  We have incorporated a huge range of research and development into the journal in order to give teaching and learning staff a truly unique insight into their learners' specific and preferred learning styles, preferences and tastes along with their general interests and aspirations, worries & concerns.  


Looking through your Childs physically “worked on” Neuro Journal will give you a truly unique view into their mind that is not available in the digital world - this is particularly true with neurodiverse and non verbal learners.

Features & Uses

A huge range of Fun & Creative exercises that engage users in a multitude of ways and allow you to choose what you want to do and in what order.

Helps relieve symptoms of Autism, Anxiety & ADHD through use of a range of breathing exercises , Intricate patterns for colouring specifically designed for people with attention deficit and mindfulness tasks, that are proven to work, and that are utilised by healthcare professionals.

Provides users a unique insight into the their preferred learning style, interests & aspirations, worries & concerns and their level of creativity.


Features our own unique style of “Reverse Colouring” where the shapes and colours are pre filled and the user is tasked with filling in the outlines with a black pen - this along with the other patterns, images, tracing pages and creative tasks have been proven to improve fine motor skills and help users build muscle control and coordination from the wrists all the way to the tips of their fingers - not something a phone or tablet is so good at!


We have incorporated a range of inclusive artwork from a range of styles and genres, the pattern pages are developed specifically for neurodiverse users and are aimed at assisting in the improvement of concentration for long periods of time.


Target setting and Self Assessment opportunities in a range of formats that are suited for all types of learners - including the opportunity to draw their dream house!


Can assist in helping to identify learning needs and issues that learners may be experiencing through the use of prompting and testing non verbal communication and the ability to identify and link facial expressions and their meanings.

List of Contents


Colouring, Revere Colouring & Patterns pages in a range of art styles.

Aspirational, Motivational & Self Awareness Exercises.

Mindfulness & Wellbeing Exercises.

Exercises to Improve Fine Motor Skills and Hand–eye coordination.

Goal & Target Setting Exercises.

Creative Exercises in a huge range of formats to suit all learners.

Exercises Designed to Help Identify & Improve Issues with Non Verbal Communication.

Ideas and Prompts for Conversation Starters.

The Front & Back Cover of the journal is made from a hard wearing 300 GSM Cardstock to ensure good durability and lifespan, the pages within are printed on a very high quality professional printer on a paper that will accept pens, pencils, paints and all kinds of materials - allowing the user freedom of choice when being creative.


Get in touch now with any questions and thanks very much.

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