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The Learners Assistant

The Learners Assistant

As a strong advocate of taking action, this journal offers a unique combination of practical tools to help enhance mental health and well-being in students of all types throughout an academic year, while also presenting effective techniques for setting personal goals and targets for self development.


Filled with over 260 pages of engaging tasks and activities aimed at enhancing your skills and effectiveness, this journal can help improve well-being, mindfulness, productivity, aspirations, dedication and resolve.




  • Self assessment opportunities in a range of formats and styles to identify strengths and weaknesses in your learning style.

  • Tips & advice on mindfulness.

  • Breathing techniques.

  • Strategies and guidance on how to help mental health and well being.

  • 11 months of infrastructure for goal and target setting, mood & habit tracking along with an opportunity for thorough reflection and evaluation on every monthly section - this starts in September in time with the academic year and ends in July taking you through the whole year.

  • The journal concludes with a detailed reflective section to identify what went right through the year and why, along with scaffolding for the future.

  • A huge library of well being and mindfulness resources, including hours of music and sounds along with printable artwork for your workspace or bedroom (access via QR Code).

  • Doodling & reverse colouring pages to take your mind off the day and give you a chance to chill out!


The journal has been designed by a highly experienced and qualified educator and peer mentor - incorporating years of working practice into this helpful and practical tool for 



If utilised properly and to its full extent the journal guarantees to improve your well being and productivity.

  • Size & Format

    This journal is supplied in A5 Format on thick uncoated paper with a hard wearing laminated cover.

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