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Settle Yourself

Settle Yourself

This journal offers a unique combination of practical tools to help deal with your anxiety and give you something to go for in times of need - it features such a wide range of solutions and formats that you will find something to help on every page.


Filled with over 300 pages of engaging tasks and activities aimed at enhancing your skills and effectiveness of dealing with your anxiety, this journal gives you the infrastructure to improve on your resilience and mindfulness.


Every resource in the book has been designed specifically to deal with anxiety and anxious thoughts.




  • Meditation pages - where you are given advice and guidance, artwork and music to help you focus and meditate.

  • Tips & advice on mindfulness.

  • Breathing techniques with sounds and music to accompany them.

  • Colouring pages and patterns in a huge range of styles and formats

  • A huge library of well being and mindfulness resources, including hours of music and sounds along with printable artwork for your gaming area or home (access via QR Code).

  • Doodling pages with frames for you to draw away.

  • Reverse colouring pages to take your mind off the day and give you a chance to chill out!


The journal has been designed by a highly experienced and qualified educator and peer mentor - incorporating years of working practice into this helpful and practical tool for 

 People of all ages.


Ideal to carry with you everywhere to be used in times of need when anxiety creeps up.


Also works very well for panic attacks and has guidance specific to this.

  • Size & Format

    This journal is supplied in A5 Format on thick uncoated paper with a hard wearing laminated cover.

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